Kharazmi Screw & Rivet Co

Kharazmi Screw and Rivet Company was launched in 2007 to produce various types of screws and rivets, including multi-pivot, axial and all special screws and standard DIN-sized screws from M5 to M16 size. In the first phase of the company, it started with 5 production lines (mainly special machines) on an area of ​​2000 square meters. In the second phase, with the growth of the process in 5 years, it was able to triple the salon and number of production lines. The machines of this company are all made in Japan and the United States, which in terms of variety, almost all machinery of this industry. Because of this, it has the ability to produce bundles of rivets and bolts. The modern laboratory of this complex has a quality control certificate ISO 9001 2012 and all products are supplied to the consumer after testing and quality control. At present, with 18 lines of production of 1 to 5 molds, it is one of the most diverse companies in the field of manufacturing specific parts in the country. This industrial complex is proud to bring with it the presence of expert and experienced personnel, though small, from the industry.

Equipped with advanced laboratory

Kharazmi Screw and Rivet Co. has one of the most comprehensive laboratories available in the country for the production of screws and rivets. The company has profiles, projector profiles, vmm, Rockwell A, B, C and Brinel, Vickers curvature instruments, and non-axial test devices for all gear gauges and measuring control dimensions and complete measurement gauges up to 0.001 Millimeters

ISO 9001 Owner

Product Manufacturer

The Policy

The Kharazmi screw and rivet company, which manufactures all kinds of screws, multi-steps and axial parts with the aim of improving the quality of its management and products and in order to continuously improve its quality statement and policy, as follows:
  • Increasing Productivity by Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Productive and System Activities
  • Continuous improvement of quality of manufactured products
  • Continuous R & D
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by posting on time and providing after-sales service
  • Upgrade safety during production
  • Boost tooltip In order to achieve the above goals, the company has set up a quality management system based on the ISO9001: 2008 international standard and will be assigned to the management representative to plan, execute, maintain and maintain the system as foreseen in the quality policy. It will be reviewed by all staff members to work with them.

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